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Application Features

Sometimes what we need is a simple way to toggle parts of an app on and off, or hey, maybe the client wants it. Either way, using the feature management kit can take care of all that. Now you or your clients can toggle signups on an off, or any other features in the app. Just utilize the blade or helper components to take full control of your app.


php artisan grafite:features

You may want to add this line to your navigation:

<li class="nav-item"><a class="nav-link" href="{!! url('admin/features') !!}"><span class="fa fa-cog"></span> Features</a></li>

Add to your config/app.php the following:


Add this to the app/Providers/RouteServiceProvider.php in the mapWebRoutes(Router $router) function:

require base_path('routes/features.php');


Provides the following tool for in app features:



// code goes here


feature($key) // will return true|false

What Features Publishes:

The command will overwrite any existing files with the features version of them:

  • app/Facades/Features.php
  • app/Http/Controllers/Admin/FeatureController.php
  • app/Http/Requests/FeatureCreateRequest.php
  • app/Http/Requests/FeatureUpdateRequest.php
  • app/Models/Feature.php
  • app/Providers/FeatureServiceProvider.php
  • app/Services/FeatureService.php
  • database/migrations/2016_04_14_210036_create_features_table.php
  • resources/views/admin/features/create.blade.php
  • resources/views/admin/features/edit.blade.php
  • resources/views/admin/features/index.blade.php
  • routes/features.php
  • tests/Feature/FeatureIntegrationTest.php
  • tests/Unit/FeatureServiceTest.php