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Grafite CMS has a rather elaborate config with many options available. You can expand the core modules, enable / disable features, and configure so much more.

Key Description
analytics Choose an analytics engine for the dashboard (internal or google)
pixabay Your pixabay API code
db-prefix Add a prefix to the Grafite CMS content tables
live-preview Preview your site in the editor view
frontend-namespace Sets the default namespace for the frontend code
frontend-theme The theme for the frontend
load-modules Do you want to load the external modules
module-directory Directory for custom Grafite CMS modules
active-core-modules Which core Grafite CMS modules are active
rss A set of attributes which can be set for the RSS feed
site-mapped-modules The module urls and their repositories that build the site map XML
auto-translate Automatically translate your content to other languages with Google Translate
default-language Your website's default language
languages Languages available in your website (enables their tabs in the editor)
storage-location Storage for files/ images (s3 or local)
max-file-upload-size The maximum file size for upload (Must also be set in php.ini)
preview-image-size When uploading images we cache clones at a smaller size (default: 800)
cloudfront Set a cloudfront URL to swap for the S3 bucket link
backend-title A title for the CMS (default: cms)
backend-route-prefix The route prefix for the backend of the CMS (default: cms)
backend-theme Theme for the backend (standard
registration-available Enable or disable registration
pagination Results per pack in backend
api-key Api Key for the Redactor photo and file injection
api-token Api Token for the Redactor photo and file injection, and the general external API calls
forms Forms config for core modules