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Grafite CMS has a powerful CRUD builder. But lets say you want to have a custom module that integrates with another service or doesn't involve a CRUD at all. Then the php artisan module:make command will be your best tool. It will create a minimum viable module with a very basic admin layer and client layer which you can customize as you see fit.


You can utilize redactor in your module by adding .redactor to any textarea class.

Images and Files:

Inside the redactor instance you can easily add images and files which you have uploaded to the CMS. Its as easy as clicking them to have them added to the entry.

Front-end/ Theme

When you generate a module the system will also generate a front-end or theme component which is kept in the Publishes directory. The is the portion of code that your visitors will see. You will need to publish this code using the php artisan module:publish {name} command.