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This package is archived and no longer supported (2019-08-24)

It only seems sensible to have a console tool that can easily add and remove projects from Homestead rather than force us developers to manually edit files each time.


Supports OSX only (for now) - pull-requests are always welcome.


Older versions of Homestead use the .homestead directory to provision from but the new version uses the Homestead.yaml file in the ~/Homestead directory. If you're on homestead 4.x then please use homeforge 0.2.x otherwise you should use 0.3.x+


Installation should be done on the host system not the Homestead VM.

Make sure you have ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ in your PATH.

  • Run the following command:
composer global require grafite/homeforge


You can add domains to Homestead with one command: Schedule does not take arguments and is optional.

homeforge site:list
homeforge site:add {domain name} {"path to public directory"} --schedule --database
homeforge site:remove {domain name}
homeforge site:share {domain name}
homeforge database:add {name}
homeforge database:remove {name}


Sharing requires ngrok to be installed on your system. Please visit to download and install.

You also have to manually set some urls in your homestead config when you want to share. Please review the instructions provided by the share command.