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Scaffold comes with a new prebuilt notifications that work elegantly in the basic app structure. In general you have 2 main forms of notifying a user, you can either email them or you can leave them a notification in the app. In order to streamline the process we made some handy Notification components in Scaffold.

Email Based

Any time you need to email a user some information, you can utilize the StandardEmail notification.

$notification = new StandardEmail('this is a test');


This will fire off an email using the standard email templates from Laravel.

In App Based

Sometimes you don't need to email a user or, more so, you don't want to email the user. In these cases you can use the InAppNotification.

$notification = new InAppNotification('this is a test');



There is also simple Pusher notifications built in using the GeneralPusherEvent and the UserPusherEvent. These can be incredibly useful for triggering events in the UI or simply providing your users more information.


Both of these obviously come with helpers so you can easily all them as follows:

app_notify($message, $isImportant, $user = null)
email_notify($subject, $message, $user = null)
pusher_notify_user($user, $data)
  • The pusher notifications by default expect a message in the data for the events.js file to process. Any further interactions should be addressed in that file with new Events.