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Scaffold comes with a new prebuilt notifications that work elegantly in the basic app structure. In general you have 2 main forms of notifying a user, you can either email them or you can leave them a notification in the app. In order to streamline the process we made some handy Notification components in Scaffold.

Email Based

Any time you need to email a user some information, you can utilize the StandardEmail notification.

$notification = new StandardEmail('this is a test');


This will fire off an email using the standard email templates from Laravel.

In App Based

Sometimes you don't need to email a user or, more so, you don't want to email the user. In these cases you can use the InAppNotification.

$notification = new InAppNotification('this is a test');



Both of these obviously come with helpers so you can easily all them as follows:

app_notify($message, $isImportant)
email_notify($subject, $message)